Brazos Industries

Your commercial roof takes a beating on a daily basis, whether from sun, rain, or strong winds. If routine maintenance is not performed, leaks can happen or structural issues can arise that can often lead to extensive and costly repairs.

The commercial roofing experts at Brazos Industries have the expertise and skill to handle any job, regardless of size. We are proud to serve businesses across Central Texas, including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. Our team has specific experience helping business owners like you with:


Fluid-Applied Restorations

Your roof can be waterproofed by adding specialized fluid coating to it. This method works on any type of commercial roof, whether it is flat, domed, or pitched.


Commercial Roof Replacement

Over time, wear and tear can damage your roof, leaving your building susceptible to leaks and severe structural damage. Eventually, it may become necessary to replace your roof to prevent even more costly damage to the interior of your building. A roof replacement is a valuable investment in your property, so turn to the experts at Brazos Industries for help.


Commercial Roof Repair

By having your commercial roof routinely inspected and repaired, you can save yourself significant money in the long run. Addressing small issues before they become major problems can make all the difference to preserving the structural integrity of your roof and avoiding major repairs or replacement.


Commercial Roof Cleaning/Maintenance

Keeping your roof clean and free of debris can help protect your roof. Contact the roof cleaning and maintenance pros at Brazos Industries to discuss the implementation of a routine maintenance plan that works with your budget.


Industrial Roofing

We know that roof failure is not an option for your business, which is why we provide the highest-quality industrial roofing solutions in Central Texas. Contact us to find out how we can help protect your roof and ensure that everything underneath it can still operate as usual for years and decades to come.


Spray Foam Insulation

Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two most prominent benefits are waterproofing/leak prevention and insulation value. Many additional benefits also exist such as superior compressive strength, lightweight, self-flashing, durable and long lasting.



There are vast numbers of waterproofing methods. Each tends to be well-suited to some applications and has drawbacks that make it a poor choice for other applications. Let Brazos Industries help you in deciding what option is best for you.